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"You Don't Know

What You Don't Know But Others Do"

"It was a pleasure having you speak to us today. We have already had feedback from the attendees that expressed how much they enjoyed your sense of humor, dynamic presentation  style and your knowledge of the subject. You really made a difference and now we 'know' the difference."  D.G.

"Your presentation was outstanding. We especially appreciated your ability to pack a lot of useful information into a half-day session and make it fun at the same time. My staff was delighted with the skills and invaluable tips they received, enabling them to present themselves with confidence and authority."  R.M.


In a world of text messages, e-mails and instant messaging, there still is a place for hand-written notes — especially when reaching out to thank those who make it possible for our businesses to succeed. Letter writing and thank-you notes have lost their very important position in society, as the computer has taken away the personalization of the handwritten word. But a handwritten note will be remembered and treasured by the recipient — especially if it comes as a surprise for things said or done long ago. Just remember that a gem is valuable only when it is genuine, and what is more genuine than a thank-you note written in your own hand.

Barbara  B. Bergstrom

"We were amazed as to how productive the meeting was. You brought a lighter side to the subject with a high level of credibility and practicality. This was a wonderful presentation and it brought everyday work and personal situations to the forefront. We will definitely use your company for future training seminars.” J.L.

The Hand-Written Note