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In her comfortable, conversational and easy-to-read style, Barbara points the way for the savvy business person to reach the ultimate goal. Her sense of humor peppered throughout this book brings about the perfect route to understanding just what it takes for aspiring executives to gain a seat in the boardroom. This guide has everything from non-gender contemporary business protocol (unlike the social graces you were  taught at home) to the dining skills needed to navigate the executive dining room. You need to create a desire for customers, clients and business associates to want to do business with you based on mutual respect and civility. Without knowing and practicing the steps carefully outlined for you in Bound for the Boardroom you will find the boardroom door is closed to you and the key thrown away. Welcome to the “real world,” where you just never know what others know and you don’t. (Also available in Spanish: Rumbo al Exito Empresarial)



You and your peers are being evaluated on factors far beyond your technical abilities, personality or past performance. To get through certain doors, the most coveted ones, you must possess professional presence, a powerful quality founded in the roots of civility, or respect for yourself and others. Knowing how to communicate your message and perform confidently in any situation helps determine how many doors will open for you. In  Barbara's latest book, Don't Forget Your Keys, you'll learn the keys to professionalism, leadership, language, inter-office compatibility, packaging yourself, effective meeting tips, electronic etiquette, dining skills and other business protocols. To stand out among the competition in today's challenging business climate, you need to use every tool in your box. In opening the right door, a primary factor in your success is using the right keys. Don't leave the office or your home without them.

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